How to choose concrete mixer truck?


How big and how many concrete mixer truck is what you need?How to choose concrete mixer truck? There are some technical parameters shall be understood, such as concrete batching plant production capacity the transporting distance etc.

Regarding to the concrete batching plant productivity, concrete user’s distance and quantity demand.

For example
HZS120 Concrete batching plant which productivity is about 120m3/hr, 2m3 per batch
Concrete user’s distance: 10km away
Concrete user’s quantity demand: 200m3 per day

For HZS120 plant, it can produce 2m3 per batch, average every mixing batch need 1 minute. Considering of the truck park-in and drive-out, we think HZS120 can discharge 8m3 per 10 minutes.
So every hour, HZS120 can discharge 48m3 concrete to the truck mixer. There is one condition, within this one hour, the truck mixer should be continuously, otherwise the HZS120 have to stop making concrete.

The Truck mixer average driving speed is 50km/hr. For driving between plant and user’s site (10km plus 2) need about 20 minutes. Concrete discharging out from truck need about 5 minutes. So, one truck for one round trip need about 30 minutes, that means it cannot be feed new concrete from HZS120.

So, we can see if you prepare 8m3 concrete mixer truck, at least you need 4 units, full-time working 5 hours, no break.
For real life, we suggest 8m3 transit mixer, at least 6 units, working 5 hours per day; 12m3 transit mixer, at least 6 units, working 3 hours per day 

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