What’s the difference of truck chassis between Chinese brand and Oversea brand?


There are some difference between Chinese concrete mixer truck and Oversea brand cement mixer truck, such as power, structure, materials, volume and design and so on. We list Chinese chassis, Japanese chassis concrete truck and Germany mixer trucks.

Chinese chassis concrete mixer trucks
Chinese chassis trucks power is bigger
structure is sate but simple and easy to driving and maintenance
good quality even on over-weighted
also they are cheap (Most of Chinese projects running Chinese brand truck
they are strictly inspected by the users and acceptable by market, because everyone knows the China herself is a huge construction project in the world)

Japanese chassis concrete mixer trucks characteristics
Structure is compact, high-tech design, light weight, low noisy and good quality normally use

Germany chassis trucks characteristics
Germany chassis trucks power is bigger, high-tech structure and design, very good quality, and very good price.

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