What should you do before starting up concrete mixers?


For ensuring operator safety andconcrete mixers operating, the operator should do some protection measures, such as protection equipment, check machine parts and so on.


Before starting up concrete mixers, operators should do
• Operators must wear personal protection equipment (P.P.E.) (overalls, gloves, safety goggles, safety shoes, auditory protection, anti-dust mask, etc.)
• Before starting up your concrete mixer, make sure all the protective measures are in place and in satisfactory condition, that nobody is touching the concrete mixer or near it, and that no tools are leaning against it.
• When operating the drum tipping wheel, you must keep hold of it with at least one hand (to prevent the drum tipping due to gravity, do not let go of the wheel).
• Do not put your hands, head or any tool inside the drum when it is rotating.
• Never operate the machine without its protective devices.
• Stop or unplug your concrete mixer before carrying out any kind of work on it.
• Only use the concrete mixer drum to mix materials designed for masonry work (any other kind of mix involving chemical or food products is prohibited).
• The motor produces noxious carbon monoxide fumes. Do not use a concrete mixer with petrol-driven motor for underground work or in a poorly ventilated area.
• Petrol is highly flammable and explosive. Do not smoke. Stop the motor and leave it to cool before filling the tank with fuel.
• Never replace a defective part with a part that is not the same brand.

Most of time, operators or we should do these measures to protect ourselves safety. We should seriously do these in accordance with introductions.

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