How many types of safety should we note during transporting and operating concrete mixers?


During transporting and operating concrete mixers, we should note transport safety, tire safety, storage safety, refueling safety and electrical safety. Listing the safety as follow.
1. Read and understand ALL the information in the Operator’s Manual regarding procedures and SAFETY when operating the Mixer in the workplace and/or on the road.
2. Always travel at a safe speed. Use caution when making corners or on a rough surface.
3. Make sure all the lights and reflectors that are required by the local highway and transport authorities are in place, are clean and can be seen clearly by all overtaking and oncoming traffic.
4. Do not allow riders on any part of the machine during either road or highway travel.
5. Always use a safety chain between the Mixer and the towing vehicle when transporting.
6. Use a mechanical retainer through the ball hitch or clevis pin before transporting.


1. Failure to follow proper procedures when mounting a tire on a wheel or rim can produce an explosion which may result in serious injury or death.
2. Do not attempt to mount a tire unless you have the proper equipment and experience to do the job.
3. Have a qualified tire dealer or repair service perform required tire maintenance.

1. Store unit in an area away from human activity.
2. Do not permit children to play on or around the stored Mixer.

1. Handle fuel with care. It is highly flammable.
2. Allow engine to cool for 5 minutes before refueling. Clean up spilled fuel before restarting engine.
3. Do not refuel the machine while smoking or when near open flame or sparks.
4. Always use an approved fuel container.
5. Fill fuel tank outdoors.
6. Prevent fires by keeping machine clean of accumulated trash, grease and debris.

1. Have a licensed electrician wire up and supply power to the electric motor.
2. Always use a grounded power cord with the required capacity to carry the power to the motor.
3. Route the power cord out of the way or protect from damage.
4. Turn motor off, unplug power cord or turn off power at master panel and wait for all moving parts to stop before servicing, maintaining, adjusting or cleaning.
5. Keep all electrical components in good condition.

If you meet these problem, you should do and read the principle to ensure your safety.

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