Self-loading concrete truck mixers
Mixing volume: 5m3
Certificate: IS09001
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Brief introduction:

Self-loading concrete truck mixers are Self-loading concrete mixing station or concrete mixer truck, which are designed to work as a ready-mix concrete delivery vehicle and are suited work in all types of area.

Self-loading concrete truck mixers are normally with wet concrete output it can handle all types of concrete deliveries, from large poor volume jobs to small deliveries. A Self-loading concrete truck mixer can even work on-the-job as an concrete batching plant, also known as self-loading concrete mixing station.

Self-loading concrete truck mixers are one of small concrete mixer trucks, the characteristics of Self-loading concrete mixing station
◆ Self-Loads the required quantity of aggregates and sand into the drum
◆ Adopt universal Self Loading concrete Mixers
◆ Stand alone machines: Mix the batched aggregates, sand and cement while travelling to the discharging location which reduces the cycle time
◆ High Gradeability: High level of gradeability ensure the machine work in toughest site condition
◆ Fully powered hydraulic (orbitrol type) steering with 3 way steering system namely 2 Wheel steering, 3 Wheel steering and Crab steering for maneuvering in narrow spaces.
◆ Discharge the concrete to the desired location at the site
◆ It can re-load with raw materials from any builders merchants or satellite depot, as it has its own batching equipment, self-loading equipment, on-board water system and auxiliary engine.

Self-loading concrete truck mixers or Self-loading concrete mixing station is our main concrete equipment used to transport and mix concrete for building and other projects, which can be used as concrete mixers and Mobile concrete batching plant.

Features and benefits:
Items Specifications
Mixing system Drum capacity: 4.4m3 Discharging capacity: 3.5m3/tank Double helix, emergency unloading cover. Reverse when unload. Slew hydraulically through 270 degree for high discharge over 1.8m to the four sides of the vehicle.
Capacity Capacity: 4tanks/hr 14m3/hr 110m3/day 33000m3/year
Diesel engine Commins engine: 4BTA3.9-C110 Rotate speed: 2200r/min Rated power: 82KW
Transmission 4 wheels drive, 4wheels steering
Speed Low: 0-9km/hr High: 0-20km/hr
Hydraulic system Closed system Hydraulic driving pump Hydraulic mixing pump Hydraulic driving motor Hydraulic mixing motor
Loader control Hydraulic 4 way stick
Loader 600L Hydraulic valve
Chute Angle control Hydraulic
Water supply Hydraulic water pump
Brake Hydraulic brake Front and rear independent system
Tire 16/70-20
Electrical system 24V
Tank Water tank: 2x380L Diesel tank: 150L Hydraulic oil tank: 125L
Weight 7500KG
Dimension LxWxH: 7.1x2.44x3.3m
Weighing Electronic weighing system Water meter